//Hi-Gate (An Enterprise & Modular IoT Gateway)

Hi-Gate (An Enterprise & Modular IoT Gateway)


  • Connects to internet via your home Wi-Fi or Ethernet or GPRS (2G/3G/4G) or priority/availability based.
  • Support more than 5 local (RF) connectivity protocols including Wi-Fi, Zig-Bee, Z-wave, BLE4.0, Lo-Ra & Sub-1 (GHz).
  • Run Bluetooth4.0 & any one RF protocol at a time. [Note: Generally, comes with Zig-Bee (standard) but modular provision is also available to change any RF protocol pluggable modules in future in case of range limitation instead changing the entire HuB or solution.]
  • Can connect up-to 25 hIOTron Nodes (each node maximum control 8 devices) within 1Km. (Line of sight) & 250 Meters (NonLine of sight) range.
  • Can be easily integrated with amazon Alexa.
  • Multiple hubs can be accessed via single account in mobile app or web-page.
  • Constantly evolves through Firmware over the air (FOTA).
  • Compact wall mount design. No holes in your walls. No tools necessary.
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Hi-Gate is the brain of this kit which is fully Modular & Enterprise IoT gateway with TI-CC3200 at its heart, it offers better computational power to run advance IoT algorithms & communication because of easy & modular integration of Inbound & Outbound connectivity protocols.

The main feature of Hi-Gate is to Get wireless data from Inbound Connectivity Protocols and process/send to hIOTron IoT server in IP network via WiFi/Ethernet/2G/3G/4G etc and similarly in a reverse way Get command from hIOTron IoT Server and send it back to local devices.