1. Modular Bluetooth: Work as a BLE scanner to communicate with Seat occupancy sensor equipped Beacons.
  2. Modular GSM: Provision for 2G, 3G & 4G network.
  3. Internal GNSS: Global positioning system/Global Navigation Satellite System.
  4. RTC: Real time clock to store data with time logs.
  5. EEPROM (256MB): Memory to store 15-20 days records in case power or network failure.
  6. Li-ion battery: 2700MAH battery backup in case of power failure.
  7. Internal GNSS antenna: An antenna used for GPS connectivity. Integrated into FM device PCB. Does not have external connector.
  8. External GPRS antenna: An antenna used for GSM connectivity having external SMA connector.
  9. Charging/Discharging circuit: Charge & discharge internal battery through mains automatically.
  10. Over voltage protection: Protect device through over voltage from mains.
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hIOTron®  Hi-Sense, A innovative product for smart city. Hi-Sense, sense the every beat of the city to make safe and connected. A highly innovative cloud gateways based on Zigbee & LoRa connectivity for local communication and equipped with Wi-Fi and GSM module for cloud communication. Can be integrated with many subnodes sensors for Pollution, Smoke, Noise, Weather stats, two ways voice communication, security camera etc.