//Sense-R (A Multipurpose Smart Thermostat)

Sense-R (A Multipurpose Smart Thermostat)


  • It can control IR remote based appliances in a range up-to 15-20 meters in 180° directions.
  • Switch mounted as well as USB power option available for controlling appliances irrespective of their directions.
  • Comes with modular wireless connectivity (Zig-Bee, Z-Wave, Lo-Ra, Sub-1) options running in Hi-HuB.
  • It comes with an IR receiver to learn specific AC, TV, Setup-box or other code if not available in the database.
  • On-Board Temperature, Humidity sensor for data monitoring.
  • Condition/Rule based or live data monitoring & real time notifications, SMS, email alerts for unfavorable conditions.
  • Freedom of unlimited customizations
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Sense-R is a combo of 2 Sensors & IR (aka Hi-thermostat) which is designed & developed with a purpose of Monitoring sensors data such as temperature, humidity & Controlling any IR remote based equipment such as AC, TV, Setup-box or other using smart phone for next generation smart home, hotel or office automation.